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Published on January 23, 2018

*Friday, 23 June 2017

Nexxus Coin Wallet 2.0 (new)
▪ Install:
▪ Mac wallet is working for some but not everyone. Still a work-in-progress. If you are running a Mac, need a new wallet or to update an existing wallet and are willing to help us with testing the Mac wallet, please contact Michael Bailey to schedule a time.
▪ Skins

Nexxus Blockchain Explorer Updated with NXX

▪ Social Media Marketing System is Nexxus Ecosystem
▪ 3rd Party
▪ Separate System Login
▪ Separate referral bonuses

Nexxus Coin Going Public; working with multiple exchanges to list NXX

Nexxus Merchant Source – Groupon

▪ This shows how clueless the government is about cryptocurrency. No one holds cryptocurrency. They don’t carry it out of the country. They don’t have it on their possession at the airport. They only have access to it on the blockchain, just like I have access to my bank account when I go on a flight. I don’t have to declare the total value of the money in my bank account, only the cash I’m physically carrying with me on the flight. I carry no physical cryptocurrency “cash” with me.
This is such a ridiculous bill, it’s unbelievable how stupid these politicians are. If someone wanted to fund terrorism with cryptocurrency they could just send it to them through the blockchain anytime. They don’t carry it with them on an airplane to “hand-deliver” to a terrorist. It smells more like a move by the government to control the people by controlling their money. This bill does absolutely nothing to prevent cryptocurrency from being given to terrorists. Maybe the politicians aren’t so stupid in their own devious way?

▪ 1. Nexxus Founder has a 30 year professional career as a senior technologist with Microsoft and Electronic Data Systems.
▪ 2. Nexxus Founder was brought in as a Turn-Around Agent to fix GCR to be a legal and legitimate company providing real value to the marketplace, after the original founder and CEO was forced to resign 6 months after GCR started.
▪ 3. Nexxus promotes the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, not just any single coin.
▪ 4. Nexxus is providing real utility for cryptocurrency with the Nexxus Rewards program, unlike almost all alt coins.
▪ 5. Nexxus partners with independent entrepreneurs to leverage word-of-mouth marketing to take cryptocurrency to the mainstream public.
▪ 6. Nexxus University has affordable and comprehensive cryptocurrency courses delivered on a professional Learning Management System with lessons, quizzes, exams, and certificates, for the non-techie public to learn about cryptocurrency.
▪ 7. Nexxus University has a cryptocurrency certification program for business people to become specialists in cryptocurrency.
▪ 8. Nexxus is building a network of cryptocurrency cafes and ATMs in local communities worldwide to take cryptocurrency from the virtual world to hometown communities.
▪ 9. Nexxus has been a strong proponent, publisher and public speaker promoting cryptocurrency and speaking against the many cryptocurrency scams.
▪ 10. Nexxus produces a Cryptocurrency MythBusters video program to educate people about cryptocurrency and some of the scam techniques. (
▪ 11. Nexxus is regularly published and quoted in industry news websites like

▪ Marketing Knowledge
▪ Freedom

▪ Marketing Launch

▪ Marketing Process & Tools

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