Nexxus Rewards A New Shared Shopping Experience in Crypto Currency – Join the Sales Team!

Published on February 11, 2018

Nexxus Rewards is a cooperative global rewards community where everyone benefits!


► A new Spanish lead page video is now available in the back office for Organizations. This is the Pastor John video that has been translated to Spanish and the name changed to Matías, which is a more common Hispanic name.

► The Spanish Shopper and Merchant lead pages and videos are in process and should be available in the coming week or two. These are the Danny’s Diner (which has become Cafetería Santiago) and the Sarah Shopper (who has become Comprador Sofía) videos that have been translated to Spanish. The emails that deliver these new lead pages will be in both English and Spanish so you don’t need to speak or understand Spanish to utilize these resources.

► There is not likely to be any significant trading volume of NXX until Nexxus Rewards builds up and is generating millions of shoppers and transactions

► Price swings are possible from erratic trades like 1 NXX for $30

► Teams are developing in Chicago, IL and Wilwaukee, WI

► If you are ready to launch your territory in March and would like to work directly with Dan Williquette, the International Marketing Director of Nexxus, please contact Dan directly or get in touch with Gary or Bob. You can even send a support ticket.

► Merchants being setup in Plano; retail store and dry cleaners …

► Nexxus distinguishes itself from all other coins by delivering real value to the public by creating real utility and by creating real utility in the process of doing so

► Nexxus shows Cryptocurrency done right and network marketing done right with real retail sales. 100% retail sales with Nexxus Rewards.

► Nexxus is starting to attract network marketing leaders that are tired of all the crypto scams with empty get rich quick promises. Leaders want legitimate opportunities with long term sustainable residual revenue.

► Join Kelly n Kelly at 11:00am EST [Now following the lunar calender. Coming dates include: 31 January, 7 February and 14 February) Build wealth in cryptocurrency! Now is the time for you & your family to get in and participate in earning ETH, BTC and NXX
► One-time registration:

► Join us every Friday morning at 10am Eastern for the Nexxus Partners Core Team Webinar
Nexxus shares the latest events of Nexxus Partners, learn about industry news and help develop our community bond in moving people into a new age of transparency, personal responsibility, peace and prosperity
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► Join Lawson Graves every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm Eastern for the Nexxus Partners Opportunity Call
► Call-in number (631) 992-3221 PIN: 596 975 897#

► Nexxus Rewards Sales Scripts – The 3 Important Questions
► English:

► Nexxus Rewards Personal Shopper Presentation
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Discord has replaced Skype as our primary public forum. Click the link below to join Nexxus on Discord. Customer and technical support are not handled on public forums. Please submit a support ticket from your back office or send an email to:

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