World’s First Blockchain Based Spend Management System- aXpire

Published on May 14, 2018

Many organizations face spending management challenges which stem from data silos, data structure, having multiple managers, asset management, and P&L responsibility. These challenges do not enable most organizations to make the profit they literally should be making. To address these concerns and also provide the right payment ecosystem for businesses, aXpire intends to provide a platform that will help businesses to ameliorate their profitability and lessen squandering.

aXpire is an enterprise software SaaS company providing a range of services to RegTechs, FinTechs and ERP Technologies, in order to help them improve profitability and lessen squandering. aXpire aims to utilize blockchain technology to provide real-time coherent spend management and machine learning all through the circuition of services exchange. The machine learning will allow clients make gradational clever invoicing decisions via a growing reference SQL database of approved and denied transactions.


aXpire will use P2P and B2B solutions to provide expense management solutions to asset managers.

The solution (Resolvr) is a B2B spend management software that amalgamates the finest of products that currently exist in the market and pulls on various efficiency levers. It’s a high-performance solution which is being integrated with other core applications used by finance, fund admins, and accounting units. It will help organizations save time, money, increase productivity, and enhance levels of auditable compliance by reducing human error in data. The solution was built in an MVC framework and is able to interact with any application via API. The API feeds to and from the solution, thus making it possible for necessary departments/units to associate, so as to allow them to carry out their legal responsibility.

However, the P2P solution is a marketplace in the form of an exchange (Matchbox Blockchain Exchange), that will enable users to engage on the platform either as a freelancer or task creator. Organizations are turning to digital platforms in order to organize their spend management and sourcing. In doing this, it would allow them better observe and estimate their indirect acquiring feat.

Token: The AXP tokens is an ERC-223 utility token, being used to fuel the platform to authorize spend management in a distributed ledger environment.

Token symbol: AXP

Total Supply: 350,000,000 AXP

Current Price: 1 AXP: $0.064

The AXP token is currently listed on coinmarketcap and trading on Kucoin, HitBTC, and Idex exchanges respectively. However, aXpire launched its token sale in early January 2018 and successfully raised $20m in 89hours. The funds realized during the token sale is being used to flourish the efficacy of the platform.

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